You'll be allowed to launch a Claimer on the same blockchain network after you successfully created a Space.

Launch a Claimer

As the proposer/Space Owner, you can create a Claimer by following these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet and choose a desired blockchain network.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Portfolio Board > My Space > New Claimer or directly navigate to Clamier to create a new one.

  3. Fill in all the required fields on the Basic Info, Additional Info, and Claim Rule page. Tap on❓ for the explanation of each field.

  4. On the Basic Info page, you have to fill in the Token Address and choose the correct Token Type. The Token Symbol will show automatically according to the Token Address you filled in.

  5. On the Claim Rule page, you can create the token vesting schedules, such as batches and the percentage.

  6. Read the Important Notes and click “Submit”. Please make sure your wallet balance is sufficient for gas fees.

Now a new Claimer has been successfully created. Navigate to Dashboard > Portfolio Board > My Space> Claimers to check the Claimer that you have created. You can copy the URL to share it with the users after you add whitelists. Your Claimer will be displayed on the Explore page if your Space gets Verified. Click here to learn about how to verify your Space.

  • You can click the “Close” button on the Claimer to cancel it before it starts (the 1st batch vesting).

  • You can click the “Add More” button to add whitelist addresses for these users who are eligible to claim tokens. The total tokens will be automatically transferred to the Claimer contract once you confirm it.

  • You can click “View More” to check the whitelist you have added.

  • You can click the “Edit” button at the end of each line to reschedule the claim rule of each batch. When the proposer/Space Owner adjusts the Token Vesting Schedule, the contract will automatically calculate the fine to be paid according to the number and magnitude of adjustments. Click here to learn more about the penalty system.


  1. The whitelisted users can click the “Claim” button to get the project tokens according to the Claim Rules.

  2. The proposer/Space Owner can only refund the token when there are no whitelist users claimed within 30 days after the last batch of token vesting ended, or click the “Close” button before the first batch of token vesting.

Learn how to manage Claimer at TARS:

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