TARS Protocol


TARS serves as the BaaS infrastructure enabling organizations and individuals to easily conduct business and manage finance on Web3.
We aim to help Web3 startups build dedicated business-focused and branded portals on Web3, which allow them to create time based token vestings, raise capitals, create Staff Authenticators, prove their influence and target clients, in a trustless, automated, and decentralized way.


  • The crypto user base this the 90 million mark in January 2022—a milestone driving the rapid development and adoption of crypto apps.
  • As of February 2022, blockchain market value reaches 20 billion.
  • As of March 2022, there are nearly 7,000 active cryptocurrency-based decentralized applications.
With such a large number of Web3 startups, how can they display themselves, reveal their information to reach target users?
How do they prove their influence and build better awareness?
How do they manage the assets, salaries, and token vestings for their employees, community members, and investors?
How do they avoid users being scammed due to the false identity source?
At the same time, there’s a lack of aggregation platforms for users to search the business that suits their needs.

Our Vision

TARS aims to build the infrastructure that powers the growth and success of the all Web3 startups.


If you like TARS, feel free to join us and build with TARS. Stay updated on the progress by following on social media channels and communities.
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