Web3 Staff Authenticator

Staff Authenticator is a decentralized authenticator use to verify the authenticity of employees. The owner of each Space can create a decentralized Staff Authenticator. Owner only needs to add his/her employee information in his/her space, including but not limited to mobile phone number, email, telegram, Twitter and other account information. When other users want to verify the authenticity of an employee, they just need to access this space and verify it in staff authenticator.


With the rapid development of the Web3, there are more and more scammers in crypto. Most of them will impersonate employees of a company to defraud. So gradually, every web3 company will tend to develop the following employee verification system to verify whether someone is really an employee of this company by entering someone's Twitter or Telegram account handle. But we found that every web3 company has developed such a product with the same feature, which wastes a lot of money and time, and can be integrated into a unified system