Key Milestones

Q1 2022

  • Team Building
  • Idea Analysis & Initiation
  • Market Fit Research
  • Development of Project Plan
  • Design & Technical Specifications Initiation
  • Legal Counsel

Q2 2022

  • Build the First Version of dApp Framework
  • UI/UX Design and Tech Architecture Documentation
  • Launch TARS Space Contract
  • Launch Smart SAFT Contract
  • All Smart Contract Audit by Certik
  • Optimize the Interaction of Dashboard

Q3 2022

  • Open Sorting Feature in Verified Space Page
  • Release of the Whitepaper 1.0
  • Deploy Smart SAFT dApp on ETH/BSC
  • Participate in Hackathons and Apply for Grants
  • Pre-Launch of Claimer dApp
  • Integrate ERC20 Tokens in Claimer

Q4 2022

  • Launch Web3 Staff Authenticator in Space
  • Integrate LP Tokens in Claimer
  • ETH-based Verified Social Media Test
  • Official Launch of Claimer dApp with DPF
  • Integrate EVM Chains in TARS
  • Release of the Whitepaper 2.0
  • Complete Audit reports by PeckShield
  • Display Key Data in the Homepage

Q1 2023

  • Launch of Verified Social Media
  • Launch of Customization in TARS Space
  • UI/UX Upgrade
  • Development of AI-integrated solutions
  • TARS AI Hub V1 Launch
  • Release of the Whitepaper 3.0
  • Community building and marketing campaigns

Q2 2023

  • Further development of AI-driven solutions
  • More partnerships to enhance the TARS ecosystem
  • TARS AI Hub V2 Launch
  • Integrate NFT in Claimer
  • Integration of AI-powered DAO governance standards
  • New Web3 Program Integrations

Q3 2023

  • Re-Design of Featured Pages for TARS
  • Integrate Cross Chains
  • On-Board New Blockchain Ecosystems
  • Re-Audit to All Smart Contracts
  • TARS AI Eco Marathon Grant Campaigns
  • $TARS Token Sale and Listing

Q4 2023

  • Chat-bot APIs for Discord and Telegram
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Continuous improvement of AI integration
  • Fostering collaborations and synergies within the Web3 ecosystem
  • Support non-EVM chains such as Solana, NEAR
  • Buyback & Burn Plan
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