Use Cases

Claimer applies to the following scenarios:

  • Create flexible claim rules for token vesting schedules.

  • Set up a token claim scheme for community airdrop campaigns.

  • Time-lock for Liquidity Provider tokens (LP).

  • Claim rules for NFTs.

For projects that are about to launch TGE or have already been listed on DEX/CEX, using Claimer can easily create a token vesting schedule based on their tokenomics. DPF makes it possible to adjust the vesting scheme through the non-custodial, time-released smart contract of Claimer in the decentralized environment.

Time-lock for LP and claim rules for NFTs are under development and will be launched soon. In addition, Claimer is also suitable for airdrop campaigns in the crypto community. It allows specific users to actively claim tokens instead of passively receiving airdrops, which can guarantee the quality of participants and save gas fees for the organizers more than sending airdrop tokens.

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