Share to Earn

As the proposer and creator of the deal, Space Owner can share the deal with community members through Whitelist or Public mode, and earn commissions. Just like what the launchpads do, TARS allows Space Owners to set their commissions for the deal when creating a Smart SAFT. Of course, this requires the permission of the counterparts, including the Token Providers and Investors.

At TARS, anyone will have the opportunity to create their brand and become Crypto influencers by sharing high-quality project investment resources to monetize their influence on Web3.

Commission Rate

Space Owners are allowed to set the Commission Rate in the deal of the Smart SAFT calculated according to the following formula:


The z refers to the commission that the proposer/Space Owner will be able to claim after Token Provider (usually refers to the project party) transferred the token.

The x refers to the commission rate. Typing 0 in the SAFT creation form means the proposer/Space Owner doesn't have any commission in this deal.

The y refers to the total final fundraising amount. The proposer/Space Owner can only claim the commission when someone participates in the deal.

Token Provider (usually refers to the project party) will be able to claim the balance of the total final fundraising amount after deducting the commission of the Space Owner.

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