Use Cases

​Smart SAFT applies to all primary market investment and fundraising scenarios in the current market. In detail, Smart SAFT applies to the following scenarios:

Private Sale

Private Sale is the most common use case for Smart SAFT. Space Owner, as the proposer of the deal, can launch Smart SAFT for the individual investor or community members in the Whitelist Type.

Public Sale

Similar to the private sale, the Space Owner can select Whitelist + Public Type to create whitelisted IDO pools + FCFS IDO pools for community members to participate in the sale.

Block Trading/OTC

Smart SAFT is applicable to block trading or over-the-counter (OTC) as well. When the project token has been circulated in the secondary market, the token buyer can agree on key terms such as trading price, trading volume, and claim time with the token seller by creating Smart SAFT, and ensuring the security of the deal through smart contracts. Taking $LUNA as an example, Smart SAFT can provide a trustable solution for the LUNA project team in targeted fundraising to save the project.

Building a Dedicated Launchpad

Besides Public Sale, influencers/KOLs/community leaders/project parties can easily build their dedicated launchpad through TARS tech and make profits from their influence.

To build a dedicated launchpad, just follow the steps as below:

  1. Create a Space.

  2. Request Space Verification.

  3. You will own your dedicated URL to your brand and get traffic support from TARS once your Space gets verified.

  4. Launch Smart SAFT for the deal.

Click here to learn the detailed user guide about How to Launch Smart SAFT.

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