TARS Space

In the TARS Protocol, Web3 startups can create a personalized branded portal called TARS Space, where they can showcase their information, influence, and business scope. TARS Space serves as a trusted business deck with indexed tags tailored to the needs of target audiences, providing verifiable on-chain testimonials to prove their influence in the Web3 world. Space owners can also launch BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) products such as Staff Authenticator, Claimer, Smart SAFT, and more, integrating AI-powered solutions where needed.

Creating a Space is permissionless and open to everyone. Space owners have the right to launch Smart SAFT, Claimer, and other dApps through TARS to propose deals. They can also request verification for their Space at TARS. The TARS team will review submitted Spaces for verification using multiple methods to source the best information.

All Space Profile information is stored on-chain, including Space name, logo, description, website, Twitter, Telegram, and more. This serves as the foundation for the TARS SocialFi ecosystem. Only verified Space owners can edit their Space profile and receive a dedicated short URL based on their Space name.

How to Create a TARS Space​

TARS is now live on EVM chains. Since TARS Space is completely decentralized, you can use the same address to create different Spaces by switching between different networks supported by TARS. One wallet address on each chain is only allowed to create one Space. Space Owners on different chains will manage all dApps under the same network, and the operations remain independent.

Creating Spaces takes just a few clicks. Here we take the Ethereum network as an example.

  • Connect your wallet and choose Ethereum.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > My Space > Create Space. Type your Space Name and click “Submit”. Make sure there’s ETH in your wallet as gas fees.

  • Now your Space has been successfully created. You can tap on Request Verification to unlock more features, or directly launch Smart SAFT/Claimer.

For the details about the benefits of Verified Spaces, please refer to the document below.

pageSpace Verification Program

Click here to learn the detailed user guide about TARS Space.

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