TARS Space serves as a trusted business deck with indexed tags tailored to target audiences, providing verifiable on-chain testimonials to showcase influence in the Web3 ecosystem. Space owners can launch BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) products such as Staff Authenticator, Claimer, Smart SAFT, and more, utilizing AI-driven solutions where appropriate. Key advantages of TARS Space include:

Prove Your Influence on Web3

Web3's main challenge is proving one's influence and ensuring credibility while transferring high-quality social relationships to the blockchain. TARS Space's proof-of-influence (PoI) solves this by enabling users with verified identities to demonstrate their social relationships and endorse their influence in a decentralized manner. All commenters are also verified spaces, preventing forgery issues.

Matching Supply and Demand

Web3 lacks a comprehensive platform that connects various roles in the crypto ecosystem, such as VCs, launchpads, traders, miners, and smart contract developers. TARS Space, with its Role Tags and Soulscan search, aims to become the largest supply and demand matching platform for Web3, saving time and ensuring credibility for users seeking specific people or projects.

Trusted Backers

In the crypto world, many projects falsely claim backers to boost their credibility. TARS Space addresses this issue by allowing backers to be added only from existing verified spaces and with mutual agreement, ensuring trustworthiness.

BaaS Operation Deck

TARS Space also serves as a console for managing businesses and tokens, offering an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding. TARS will continue to add AI-powered features to enhance Space's functionality and better serve startups in the Web3 ecosystem.

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