Space Verification Program

TARS Space is a Web3 DAO Hub, thus the creation of the Space is permissionless and open to everyone. The Space Verification Program, as a notable feature of the TARS ecosystem, is launched for building a personalized SocialFi environment.

TARS Space Verification Program is open to all users who created Space at TARS who are called Space Owners. The benefits and privileges of Verified Spaces are as follows:

  • Receive a green Verified badge next to their Space Name.

  • Gain a dedicated, unique, and short URL created according to Space Name.

  • Edit the Space Profile including Space Name, logo, description, website, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.

  • Be included on the Space List page and able to be searched by the public.

  • SAFTs & Claimer created will be listed on the Explore page and able to be filtered and searched by the public.

The green Verified badge at TARS Space will signify that the Space Owner, who created the Space has been verified by the TARS operating team. However, the green Verified badge does not mean that TARS endorses any project token sales and deals proposed by the respective Space Owner. As always, we strongly recommend all users/investors do their own research and due diligence (DD) on projects, protocols, and deals before the investment.


At TARS, all Space Owners are eligible to request verification. Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee the Space will be verified.

The following guidelines are meant to give Space Owners a general overview, but whether the Space gets verified at TARS is up to the discretion based on the best information the TARS team can source and review.

Basically Verified Spaces Owners have the following characteristics:

  • Have authentic identities via ID cards or a KYC measure.

  • Individuals or brands with certain social connections and influence, including Venture Capitals, KOLs, influencers, communities, project parties, and others.

Active Spaces will be given priority for the verification process. Before we review a submitted space for verification, we require the Space Owner to use their official Twitter account to follow TARS Protocol on Twitter:


Some spaces are ineligible for verification. Even if they request verification, they will fail due to some factors:

  • Spaces that engage in or indicate a willingness to engage in manipulative or deceptive selling, fundraising, and offering.

  • Spaces that engage in or indicate a willingness to create campaigns promoting terrorism, hate, violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

  • Spaces that engage in or indicate a willingness to create campaigns that use copyrighted material or trademarks without a license, or use a material that infringes on protected rights of publicity.

TARS reserves the right to add ineligibility factors at any time. Thus the Space might be determined to be ineligible for verification even if it does not meet one of the ineligibility criteria listed above.

Revoke Verified Status

TARS will also keep tracking these Verified Spaces and reserve the right to revoke the verified status if the Space Owners or their behaviors don’t comply with our community guidelines and values.

The behaviors of Verified Space Owners that may result in loss of verified status include, but are not limited to:

  • If changes to the Space Profile are misleading or substantially alter the persona present on the Space Profile.

  • Impersonation or intentionally misleading users at TARS by changing the Space Name, description, and/or profile image, etc.

  • Involving the ineligibility factors of Space verification, etc.

If Verified Space Owners engage in conduct that would disqualify them from Space verification eligibility, they will lose the Verified badges and other benefits of Verified Spaces.

TARS reserves the right to remove the verified status of a Space under the currently published version of the Space Verification Program at any time for any reason and without notice.

How to Request Verification

If you want to verify your TARS Space, kindly submit a request here.

Important Note

  • Whether the Space gets verified will not affect the launch and invocation of smart contracts of TARS Protocol, such as Smart SAFT, Claimer, NFT minting, invest/claim/refund, etc. E.g., an unverified Space Owner can still launch Smart SAFT and Claimer dApp.

  • To ensure the uniqueness of the Verified Space identity, the Space Name edited by the Verified Space Owner is not allowed to duplicate an existing Verified Space Name.

  • All Space Profile information is stored on the chain, including Space Name, logo, description, website, Twitter, Telegram, etc., which means you’ll be charged gas fees every time you edit your Space Profile if you complete the verification. Once you complete the verification, you’re free to edit the Space Profile at any time and an unlimited number of times.

  • TARS is now live on EVM chains. If you want your Verified Space to live on multi chains, you need to connect your wallet to the desired network and create corresponding Spaces. For convenience, only one submitted Space verification is required.

  • We will take the DAO approach in the next stage for community governance and review of the Space Verification Program.

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