Build with TARS

TARS provides a simple, safe, and collaborative infrastructure for crypto users to rebuild influence and trust on Web3. A variety of Web3 utilities can be built with TARS Protocol, such as:

Technical Highlights

We believe that an excellent Web3 product should be simple to use and meet the needs of users to the greatest extent possible. The following are the technical highlights and product design concepts of TARS:


As a technology-driven team, we know the importance of code reusability. Through mathematical modeling, the reusability of TARS brings higher efficiency, lower cost, higher product quality, and more trust. It is essential that the crypto industry needs a unified decentralization standard to rebuild trust and influence.


TARS divides decoupling into internal technical module decoupling and external function decoupling. On the one hand, our internal technical architecture and product design always follow the decoupling standard development. On the other hand, TARS always maintains a highly decoupled modular infrastructure. Anyone can effortlessly start Web3 for their products.


In the process of business expansion, scalability is the premise to maintain the vigorous vitality of products. After sufficient business modeling, we have a clear understanding of stability and variability. After business-oriented splitting, our technical design makes TARS own very optimistic scalability for its business.

Ease of use

TARS Protocol has been committed to simplifying complex programs on Web3. With just a few simple clicks and no need to code anything, users can build and adopt Web3 utilities at the least cost.


TARS is a plug-and-play Web3 infrastructure with excellent pluggability. At TARS, there will not be a conflict with any feature you use. TARS is endowed with natural Web3 attributes, and users are allowed to launch TARS whenever they want.


In the TaskFi Wall of TARS, TARS provides a series of standard SDK adapter specifications. As a project builder, you can code your project SDK adapter according to the specifications we provide. Once approved, your project related tasks will be submitted to the TaskFi wall. It can better bring a lot of traffic to your project. In the future, we will also provide more programmable interfaces to allow more project builders to participate.
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