At TARS Protocol, each Web3 startups will be able to create a personalized branded portal called TARS Space, where they can easily present their information, influence, and business scopes.
Moreover, TARS offers BaaS products including (1) Smart SAFT for fundraising and token sales; (2) Claimer for distributing tokens to teams, investors, and community members, on custom unlock schedules; (3) Web3 Staff Authenticator for verifying identities; and more.
TARS provides an easy-to-use dashboard for investors and employees to manage their displayed information, token holdings, vesting progress and more.


TARS Protocol is a pioneering and unique protocol, tool & platform that offers robust solutions to Web3 startups.
  • 100% Protection for Investors: TARS’ Smart SAFTs/Claimer release deployed tokens based on the pre-determined and mutually agreed to release plan; protecting investors from one-sided changes such as vesting delays and other SAFT violations.
  • Monetize Your Influence on Web3: TARS Spaces essentially have the ability to serve as a sovereign launchpad where Space owner has the autonomy of creating Smart SAFTs and deals under their own space with customization for desired parties to join. Smart SAFT creators can set premiums on deals to earn revenues in exchange for supplying the tokens on agreed terms. This will especially help the VCs that offer early-stage asset deals with premium fees.
  • Manage your Portfolio and Profits effortlessly: Users can navigate and filter through their deals, investments, on their Dashboard in significant detail including investment statistics, claimable tokens sheets, ROI, etc.
  • Accessible, Trusted, Secure, Decentralized Finance: The decentralized Smart SAFT built on Web3 guarantees the deal conditions, greatly improving trust in B2B and B2C agreements. TARS Protocol aims to be the next step in DeFi evolution.
  • Wide Applicability in Crypto: Except for secondary market tradings, the features of TARS are applicable for almost all kinds of deals and investment scenarios, including private sale, public sale, Block Trading/OTC, IDOs, and pool finance, as well as token vesting solutions, etc.
  • Non-Custodial, Secure & Audited Smart Contracts: Users can easily draft an on-chain proposal (Smart SAFT and Claimer) for a deal including key terms with the counterparty. Smart SAFTs can be set as Public, Hidden, or Whitelist-only; in order to serve the needs of all SAFT/Claimer creators and users in the market including parties under non-disclosure terms. TARS has completed the audit by Certik and PeckShield.
  • No Programming Need: TARS users can draft and create a SAFT/Claim Rule in 60 seconds using the completely code-free and effortless tool. Other features developed based on TARS Protocol also follow the principle of no programming.

Division of Powers

The design of TARS introduces the idea of ​​division of powers, similar to the separation of powers in political terms. As we know, separation of powers refers to the division of a state's government into branches, each with separate, independent powers and responsibilities, so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with those of the other branches. The intention behind a system of separated powers is to prevent the concentration of power by providing for checks and balances.
We believe that in the world of Web3, code is law. Therefore, in the TARS product Operation Mechanism, the division of powers is adopted to effectively balance and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties involved.
Taking the Smart SAFT as an example, although the proposer has the same interests as the investor, it has no right to touch the investor's funds; the Token Provider can not complete the deal until it has successfully fulfilled its transfer obligations; investors can claim refunds when the deal failed and are no longer passive and vulnerable. The following flowchart provides a clearer picture of the checks and balances between the participants in the Smart SAFT.