TARS Protocol

Use Cases

For Web3 builders/users, you can utilize the infrastructures at TARS to:

Build Your Trustable Web3 Portal

Web3 Space aggregates trustable data and works as your branded portal in Web3. It powers the business presentation and growth of all Web3 companies.

Create On-chain SAFTs in the Primary/OTC Market

TARS provides powerful yet easy-to-use toolsets for Web3 companies to create on-chain SAFTs to complete the fundraising/investment in the primary/OTC market.

Set Token Vesting Schedules without Coding

The project parties can easily set token vesting schedules with Claimer and allow the investors to efficiently manage their portfolios and vesting tokens.

Match Requirements based on Identity Tags

With TARS, anyone can efficiently search for Spaces and locate target audiences with matching characteristics based on identity tags.

Prove Your Influence on Web3

In proof-of-influence (PoI), organizations with verified identities can prove their trusted testimonial and endorse their influence in a decentralized manner.

Employee & Investor Dashboards

TARS provides an easy-to-use dashboards for investors and employees to manage their token holdings, vesting progress and prove the authenticity of the employee.

Avoid Scammers Who Impersonate Employees

The Web3 Staff Authenticator can avoid all crypto users being cheated by scammers who impersonate employees of some company.