TARS Protocol


Paul Xu - Co-founder & CEO

Paul is from Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business and a core member of the Cornell blockchain club. Being the co-founder of TARS Protocol, he is committed to creating great products with web3 technology to empower the industry. His ambition and leadership help him thrive as the CEO of TARS.

Joesph Chueng - Co-founder & CSO

Joesph is an entrepreneur, crypto investor, and start-up incubator. He has been engaged in research about blockchain protocols and DeFi since 2017 and has seasoned experience in scaling startups from 0 to 1. Joesph is developing business strategy and leading the business team of TARS.

William Sarbinowski - Head of BD

William is from Cornell University and Cornell Blockchain Club. His field of study is mathematics and computer science. Prior to joining TARS, he gained experience by working on business development at both biotech and financial advising companies. He is leading the business development at TARS.

Clyde D - CTO

Clyde previously worked for Microsoft focused on distributed computing. He is a full stack developer with a deep understanding of smart contracts. As the technical advisor, Clyde has guided the technical design of several DeFi products.

Chiev Wan - Head Developer

Chiev is from Carnegie Mellon University, and his field of study is Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before he got interested in blockchain, Chiev used to work as the software engineer for tech firms, such as Bytedance. He has abundant experience developing smart contracts.

Honey Solanki - Operations Manager

Honey has started her journey in the crypto, DeFi, and blockchain industry since 2020. She is involved in several DeFi projects for their growth in community development, operations, and marketing. Honey is the Operations Manager at TARS.

Betül Sevik - Lead Designer

Betül is the user experience and interface designer with a focus on creating unique brands and identities. She has expertise in Web3 and NFT projects. Betül is the lead designer at TARS.

Nelson Lee - Full Stack Engineer

Nelson, graduated from Zhejiang University, is an experienced full stack engineer. Worked at Alibaba before, mainly responsible for algorithm optimization related to CDN. He has been participated in the development of Defi and NFT projects since 2018. Highly expert to develop DAPP.

Brian Hu - Full Stack Engineer

Brian is a full-stack engineer, used to work for a smart contract audit company. He is very good at the development of smart contracts, and very keen to participate in the CTF.

Patrick Sun - Back End Engineer

Patrick is our back-end engineer. Who used to work at PDD. He has rich knowledge in Cassandra, TAO, MySQL and other highly concurrent databases. He is mainly responsible for the cache of our on chain data and some Open API services.
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