ERC20 Token Address: TBA
BEP20 Token Address: TBA
The TARS token is the native utility token of the TARS ecosystem, designed to fuel the entire platform by seamlessly integrating AI-powered services and tools. As the primary currency within the ecosystem, TARS serves as a governance token, incentivizes user participation, and facilitates access to a wide range of services. The current use cases for TARS include:
  • Payment

    TARS tokens are used to pay for various services within the ecosystem, including listing tokens into TARS AI Hub, TARS Space, Smart SAFT, Claimer, Staff Authenticator and more. As the platform expands, AI-driven features and premium services will also be priced in $TARS.
  • Value Accrual

    A portion of the platform fees collected by TARS Protocol is used for buybacks and token burns, contributing to the token's inherent value. These fees include token listing fees of TARS AI Hub, TARS Space creation/verification, SAFT creation/cancellation, Claimer creation/cancellation, custom interface charges, fines from DPF, and more.
  • Access

    Holding TARS tokens grants users access to exclusive parts of the TARS ecosystem, such as premium farm pools, AI-enhanced avatars, events, and services. Users will enjoy tiered access based on their TARS token holdings.
  • Incentive

    TARS tokens serve as the main incentive for users to engage positively within the TARS ecosystem. By rewarding users for their contributions and encouraging them to hold TARS tokens, the platform fosters a thriving community and ensures continued growth.
  • Governance

    TARS holders have the opportunity to participate in governance votes proposed by the management team. Decisions may include ecosystem/treasury allocations, governance rules, partnerships, buyback and burn percentages, and more. This empowers token holders to shape the platform's future and influence the direction of AI integration in the Web3 space.