Usage of Fund Raised

The funds raised through various funding rounds will be strategically allocated to ensure the sustainable growth and development of the TARS Protocol. Each round's capital will be channeled into specific areas to maximize the project's potential:
  • Seed Round: Product development and refinement.
  • Series A: Continued product enhancement, market expansion, and customer acquisition.
  • Series B: Large-scale marketing, user growth and business model improvement.
  • Public Round: Marketing, CEX listings, and market liquidity.
The usage of funds can be further broken down into the following areas:
  • Talent Acquisition: Recruit skilled technical and operational personnel to strengthen the TARS team and ensure a solid talent pool.
  • Product Development: Enhance existing products and develop new features according to the project roadmap, with a focus on AI integration and improved user experience.
  • Marketing and User Growth: Promote the TARS platform through targeted marketing campaigns, driving user adoption and fostering a thriving ecosystem.
  • Code Audits and CEX Listings: Ensure the security and reliability of the platform through comprehensive code audits and facilitate exchange listings to increase market visibility and liquidity.
  • Treasury Reserve: Maintain a financial reserve to support the long-term sustainability of the TARS project, enabling strategic investments, partnerships, and contingencies as they arise.